He goes by the nickname of "The Hundred Million Dollar Man." Seventeen years ago, Mega-successful entrepreneur and entertainment Mogul Christopher B. Stokes began his career in music with the discovery of such stars as Brandy, Immature, B2K, Omarion and Marques Houston. A Los Angeles native, Stokes has been immersed in the music business since the age of seventeen. Although he was known for his ingenuity behind chart-topping success stories such as multi-platinum selling groups "B2K" and "Immature" and solo artists "Omarion" (former lead singer of "B2K") and Marques "MH" Houston (former lead singer of "Immature"/"IMX"), Christopher B. Stokes has made a smooth transition from Music to Film and Television.

"I have always had a passion for writing and directing. Although I loved doing Music and music videos, my dream was to direct feature films," Stokes says. Stokes is still involved as a consultant for Omarion and Marques Houston's careers. "I felt like it was time to pass the baton down to the next generation of young music moguls such as Omarion and Marques Houston. They both have their own labels now which gives me the freedom to focus more on my Film and Television career."

Stokes is also an accomplished songwriter as well. He has contributed to tracks for superstar groups Destiny's Child, B2K, and Immature, and he has written with Omarion and Marques Houston on their solo projects.

Without a doubt one of the most influential players in R&B music, Stokes' creative ventures extend well beyond his music roots. In 2003, Stokes made his feature writing/directing debut with the super successful "You Got Served". That film surprised Hollywood, opening at #1 and continuing to dominate even in its 2nd weekend. "You Got Served" went on to gross more than $150 million worldwide in box office and DVD combined.

Christopher B. Stokes has gone on to direct more than 150 music videos for artists on his label as well as artists from other labels, including the video for Omarion's "Cut Off Time," the lead single for the Jennifer Lopez-produced hit film "Feel the Noise." He recently shot the first two videos "Girlfriend" and "Hey Baby" for Omarion's duet album with Bow Wow, Face Off, which was released in December 2007.

Chris Stokes' latest project is a Dance film titled "Battlefield America,". "I am very excited about my new dance movie Battlefield America, I think it will put a new twist on dance movies" says Stokes, which will be in theaters June 1, 2012.